Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wordless 7

This is the desert in Mongolia.

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This video is from the same person who did the video regarding the Frank Lloyd Wright home, Falling Waters.

The music is great and I love how the snake image intertwines with the design. Simply beautiful!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

13 Crazy Websites You Might Enjoy!

The first part of the list is mainly just interesting sites while the second half is main picture only type sites. Enjoy!

1. The World's Highest Web Site- Created by German artist Jens Meiert, the self-proclaimed world's highest Web site records itself as about 11.77 miles. Measuring the height of a Web site may seem just as impossible as weighing one, but Meiert is playing with the maximum size of a site as allowed by Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. It's best understood simply by visiting the site.

2. Circoripopolo Goes Artistique- Belgian comic duo Circoripopolo is also expanding its site's design to include your Internet browser. Click on this site and your browser will immediately shrink. You'll first see two pairs of hands squeezing out of a small crack in the otherwise black screen. The duo keeps pushing outward until they've successfully expanded your browser. Later, when they explode their large balloon, your browser shakes.

3. The Human Brain Cloud- Created by Kyle Gabler, the Human Brain Cloud is a giant word-association game that compiles the words most commonly associated with each other. "Selfish," for example, is strongly connected to "me." "Reporter" has a stronger association with "yuck" than journalists would prefer. The more common the association, the larger the bubble graphically representing each word. A similar effect is found at Genealogy of Influence. This site links writers, artists, philosophers, scientists and mathematicians through their influences. Click on Ralph Waldo Emerson, for example, and watch a sea of names populate around him, from Coleridge to Shakespeare.

4. Lite Brite- This is just simply an online version of the classic Hasbro game Lite Brite. It only glows in the dark, though, if you consider your computer screen as "glowing."

5. Human-Powered Cursor- There are a number of flash programs that follow your cursor around the screen - like, for example, this dog: this dog. But the human-powered cursor by Recruit Media Communications is special. Ten Asian men carry a giant cursor, moving in formation wherever you move your cursor. It looks exhausting.

6. LoveHateNYC- Multimedia artist Rachel Fujita here presents what she calls "a personal love-hate relationship with New York City." With graphics detailing the various neighborhoods of Manhattan, Fujita mimics the multitude of contradictory thoughts and exclamations experienced in the city. Midtown, for example, is mapped in various tones of red, the darker shades representing hateful thoughts, and the lighter shades love. A number of constantly changing sentences play across the screen. One in the dark red section cycles through: "I can't breath!" ... "More sensory overload?" ... "Broadway is overrated!" ... "This is weird."

7. Passive Aggressive Notes- Just what it says…..

8. Noah K. Everyday- Noah took a picture of himself everyday for a year and uploaded it for all to see.

9 Cheese on Tour- Cheese and “Oh the places we will go” merged.

10. The Jump Project- Guess what people are doing at this site…..

11. Running From the Camera-constant pictures of someone’s backside and interesting backgrounds of Amsterdam

12. The Empty Chair League- a Flickr Group that shares pictures of empty chairs

13. The Colorfields Group- also a Flickr Group that shares various and interesting colorfields.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wordless 6

This image is Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Waters Home. Isn’t it beautiful!

Watch the movie that moves throughout the entire home...you can hear the water….it will be the best 4 minutes you’ve had today!

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Georgia Carnival

Being the good Georgian that I am, I’m passing the word along…you can find the Georgia Carnival over at What a Concept!

Image courtesy of Destination Weddings

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

13 More Websites Where You Can Upload Videos and Watch Them

1. Addicting Clips (Alexa Ranking #7,450)

2. vSocial (Alexa Ranking #7,969)

3. Vimeo (Alexa Ranking #8,122)

4. ManiaTV (Alexa Ranking #10,911)

5. Phanfare (Alexa Ranking #13,622)

6. CastPost (Alexa Ranking #15,322)

7. vMix (Alexa Ranking #15,808)

8. Jumpcut (Alexa Ranking #27,908)

9. Sharkle (Alexa Ranking #31,223)

10. Clipshack (Alexa Ranking #37,025)

11. eyespot (Alexa Ranking #38,026)

12. Filecow (Alexa Ranking #117,891)

13. and for teachers……TeacherTube

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Wordless 4

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