Friday, September 21, 2012

David Holmes and Music from the Oceans Movies

Listenting to the great music by David Holmes tonight from the Oceans series of all the music almost as good as I like the movies themselves.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More Than a Feeling

Any Boston music I'm listening to is my favorite until I move on to the next Boston song....I love them all. 

More Than a Feeling took Tom Sholz five years to just can't hurry perfection, I guess.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Pearl Jam: Last Kiss

 There are several versions to this song beginning with Wayne Cochran in 1961. 

 The song has also been recorded by J. Frank Wilson, the Cavaliers, Wednesday, and my personal favorite...........Pearl Jam. 

 Wayne Cochran was inspired to write this song due to the fact he lived hear a highway where several accidents occurred. Makes sense, doesn't it? 

 There's also a rumor that the song is based on a tragic accident that occurred in Barnesville, Georgia in December, 1962. 

 Jeanette Clark....a 16-year-old girl along with one other person was killed when the car they were riding in collided with a logging truck.

 It is JUST a rumor. 

 Can you figure out why? 

 The wreck happened in 1962.....but the song was first recorded in 1961.  

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Beethoven's 7th, Allegretto Movement 2

This is one of my most favorite classical pieces……Beethoven’s Symphony 7…..Allegretto Movement 2.

Some people need comfort food…….and I have my favorites, but I have comfort music as well and this is one of the pieces.   I listen to it as I write…..I listen to when I’m stressed……when I’m sad…….or when I long for something that isn’t happening fast enough or more than likely won’t happen at all.

All music at one time or another seems to be my comfort…..but I always return to this piece.


Beethoven worked on the composition in the town of Teplice, a Bohemian spa town between the years 1811-1812, and dedicated it to Count Moritz von Fries.   The Count was involved with the Vienna Bank.  Beethoven visited his home often and dedicated various works to him.  

This movement is considered to be the most popular of the entire score and when Beethoven debuted the piece it was encored  immediately.

Many times this movement…. the Allegretto…. was performed separately.    I hardly ever listen to the other movements…..THIS is my favorite.

Apparently, Beethoven’s actions during the conducting of the piece made it so popular because “he tore his arms with great vehemently asunder – he jumped in the air.”

Some say this is one of the most perfect symphonies ever written.   I’m not sure about perfect…..but I do love it.

Adore it…….

.....and sometimes when i listen and close my eyes I can see Beethoven's wild movements as he conducted the musicians.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fleetwood Mac's Hynotized

This Fleetwood Mac hit was written by Robert Welsh in the early 1970s.  Some sources advise a very vivid dream brought it on.

Another influence for the song could be the writings of Carlos Castaneda who wrote about paranormal experiences.

I’ve just always enjoyed the music…..forget what it’s about.   :)