Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm Addicted to Saving Abel...

I’ve been listening to some great music lately on DAVE-FM and heard this song I liked so much I pulled over to write down the artist and name of the song….then when I got home and read the full lyrics I laughed. You hear a great song and like the way the lyrics flow, but sometimes you don’t hear all the lyrics right away…they don’t register in your mind. I absolutely love this song….for many reasons. :) Here’s the link to Saving Abel’s Addicted. Warning: you will need headphones as this isn’t G-rated. The lyrics are right there for you on the screen for you to read as the song plays.

The exact YouTube link can be found here.

Saving Abel’s official website can be found here

Their MySpace page is here.

And everything Wikipedia has to say is here.

Saving Abel, Post-Grunge, Hard Rock, Southern Rock, Alternative Rock

A Change in Focus...

For some time the focus of this blog was to focus on interesting images and videos.

It's time for a change, so the blog name has changed from Bloggy Vision to Music Bath, and the focus will be.....that's

Videos, genres, history, news...all centered on music.